Vincent Cosomano

Assumed Breach: The mindset, Procedural Memory, and Threat Hunting

Talk Abstract:
Assumed breach should not be considered admitting defeat or an unfortunate reality. Assumed breach should be a mindset that helps us properly prepare for and respond to security incidents. Threat Hunting can help us turn the concept of Assumed Breach into a practice. If we have the mindset that we have already been breached, then we should start hunting for evidence of the breach. I will discuss this and how we can move away from Threat Hunting being something magical the most elite & technological geniuses of the world do to something the rest of us can take part in.

Speaker Bio:
Vincent is the Security Team Lead at a security company that protects organizations across every industry. He works to both train the next generation of security professionals as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Miami’s Cybersecurity Bootcamp program and to create more sustainable Security Operations. He holds the GIAC Network Forensic Analyst certification and this month he is teaching at NYU instead of UM.