Richie Zxy

Topic: Online Hygiene; is that like a VR soap box?

Title: Digital Fluency Series : Online Hygiene

The online world has had an influx of users in recent years; and there are many who are browsing through the digital landscape without the awareness of what online safety may be. In this presentation about Digital Fluency: Online Hygiene; we will unpack the importance that is self-evident; we have a new language about how to navigate the digital world, and our participation in creating it is essential.

Many computer professionals know exactly how and why to or not to do things on the internet that would endanger them; however there is a widening communication gap between those ‘in the know’ & the vast majority of the population who are completely in the dark. Ways to practically implement language to educate while empowering individuals to take responsibility for their actions and habits in the online space. Not everyone is ready to hear that spending 14 hours a day on Tik-Tok is not healthy for them. Harping on someone to not use the same password for all of their online accounts is not the same as clearly educating someone as to why that would not be a good idea. Culture is a programmable part of human society. By continuing to find expressive and diverse ways to talk about online safety and taking care of yourself online, we will continue to be able to expand our potential for a more positive future.